Located in Queenstown, MD on the Eastern Shore of Maryland


310 Links Lane
Queenstown, MD 21658

Arrive By Car


Arrive By Boat

38 degrees 59.92 N   76 degrees 09.75 W

If arriving by boat in 2023, you’ll enjoy our newly renovated boat house docks. Please call ahead for information and instructions to ensure a golf cart is waiting for you upon arrival.

The Boat House at Queenstown Harbor Golf Course is located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, on the Queenstown Creek in Queenstown, Maryland. The entrance to the creek is located on the northeast shore of the Chester River between Coursey Point and Blakeford Point. The Boat House is just inside the creek behind Coursey Point. Upon entering the creek, the Boat House, consisting of two large white structures, is located directly starboard (right) of the #3 day marker (a green square sign on a pole with the number 3 painted on it). Be sure to check the tide level and the draft of your vessel before attempting to dock. Please tie up at our newly renovated docks, do not enter the Boat House.

Water & electricity are available dockside, please call ahead as it is turned off unless we are expecting boats.

If you are playing golf at Queenstown Harbor there is no daytime docking fee. Overnight docking is $2.00 per foot.

Directional Information is only a rough guide and should not be used in lieu of Coast Guard approved navigational charts.