Practice Facilities

Driving range and practice areas are open to the public

Queenstown Harbor Golf is home to a world-class driving range and practice areas that are open to the public and ideal for the amateur and pro golfer alike. Our practice areas feature two putting greens, one of which is a half-acre in size, as well as a chipping green and a practice bunker.

Driving Range

Total of 8 acres

  • 26 Individual “Tru to Turf” mats – realistic feel imitates natural turf

  • 8 Target greens

  • Large practice sand trap with a target green

Chipping Green

3,500 Sq Feet

  • Allows a player to practice tight lies, greenside rough and deep rough shots into our practice green

  • A deep greenside sand trap

  • Conveniently located adjacent to the large practice green

Putting Greens

2 Practice Putting Greens

  • Both greens have A1-A4 Bentgrass

  • Large putting green is ½ acre

  • One of the best practice greens you will find for all levels

  • Small putting green is 5,000 sq feet



The path to better play is unique to every golfer. The biggest step in becoming a good player is understanding how the flight of the ball teaches the correct geometry of impact. Without lessons, it is very difficult to decipher what is causing the ball to fly away from it’s intended target.

As stated by the Late Great John Jacobs, “THE GOLF SWING has only one purpose: to deliver the head of the club to the ball correctly, and to achieve such impact repeatedly. Many unorthodox players achieve correct impact –so long as it’s repeatable, it’s OK.”

Our Instructors will be able to provide each individual golfer with a clear picture of how to improve THEIR game.