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The path to better play is unique to every golfer. The biggest step in becoming a good player is understanding how the flight of the ball teaches the correct geometry of impact. Without lessons, it is very difficult to decipher what is causing the ball to fly away from it’s intended target.

As stated by the Late Great John Jacobs, “THE GOLF SWING has only one purpose: to deliver the head of the club to the ball correctly, and to achieve such impact repeatedly. Many unorthodox players achieve correct impact — so long as it’s repeatable, it’s OK.” Our Instructors will be able to provide each individual golfer with a clear picture of how to improve THEIR game.

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P.G.A. Professional & Instructor


Todd Howard has taught more than 30,000 students and trained hundreds of golf instructors over the last 30 years. He started playing golf at the age of 12, began teaching at 21 and turned pro at 23. He played professionally on the Florida, Golden State and China Tours before becoming a Head Instructor with the John Jacobs Golf Schools when he was 27. Todd considers himself fortunate to have learned directly from John Jacobs, a mentor to many of today’s best teachers. Among his biggest trademarks are his well defined Junior programs, which are designed to help young golfers becomes skilled competitive players. Todd hopes “The Academy at Queenstown” becomes the go-to place for getting the most out of your golf game.


Head Golf Pro & Pro Shop Manager


Mike Sabol is Queenstown Harbor’s Head Golf Professional. Passionate about the game, he considers himself lucky to do what he loves for a living. Mike started playing golf in high school and admits his competitive nature was a significant factor in pushing him to play and practice as much as possible. He became completely addicted to the game and when he found out he could turn it into a career, he was “sold.” Mike loves being around the game of golf, talking about it, watching it and teaching people. He also has a lot of pride in the Queenstown Course. “I hope it shows,” he said. Mike has a degree in Political Science from Penn State University. He is married with two children and loves golfing and going to the beach in his free time.


Assistant Golf Professional


Stewart Fisher is Queenstown Harbor’s newest golf professional.  Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Stewart attended East Carolina University where his love for the game of golf blossomed after joining the golf club. After attending ECU, Stewart worked in youth sports and hospitality before joining the golf business in 2014.  Stewart is now a PGA Apprentice and loves being able to teach and be around his passion every day.  Stewart can be seen around Queenstown Harbor working on his game or helping others work on theirs. In his free time Stewart enjoys brewing and discussing craft beer, and spending time with his girlfriend, Emma, and their black lab, Hootie.







The golf swing has only one purpose: to deliver the head of the club to the ball correctly, and to achieve such impact repeatedly. The only position that matters is the club’s at impact, which is determined by the clubface alignment (the most important factor), the path of the swing, the angle of attack and the speed of the clubhead.



Many players never start in an address position that makes the windup back and through possible. If the set up is right, it’s all done; you don’t need any more thoughts.



Many players see the line and try to take the putter back and through along that line. But that is not the most efficient method. Golf is a game that has the player positioned to the side of the ball, so the stroke must work inside on the back, and through swings in order to deliver the putter more efficiently.



One good thing to remember is to have a plan when you’re heading to any part of the practice facility. Whether it’s to the driving range, putting green or chipping area, practicing isn’t a race to see how many balls you can hit in an hour.

“People are always friendly. The course is in great shape and the cottages are beautiful so go to Queenstown Harbor and stay and play!!”

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