Local Activities

Complement your stay at Queenstown Harbor

We partner with local businesses to bring Chesapeake Bay inspired activities to our cottage guests, that include yoga classes, SUP rentals, and a variety of Chesapeake Bay inspired activities.



Our waterfront property is the perfect venue to host a small group or private yoga class.  With full 180° waterfront views, guests staying with us have the opportunity to customize unique packages during your stay.  Yoga classes are a popular addition for those coming to unwind and relax. We work with local individuals and yoga companies to accommodate groups of many sizes and schedules.

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Stand Up Paddleboarding

The Chesapeake Bay is a wonderful location for Stand-Up Paddleboarding and cruising the flat waterways of Maryland’s eastern shore. We work with local vendors to provide a unique experience for our guests, including SUP rentals and SUP excusions for groups of most sizes.  Our boat slips, boathouse, and small craft launch provide direct water access for guests staying with us.

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Taste of the Eastern Shore

Get a taste of the eastern shore with our local partner, Black Water Distillery. Or visit some of the local restaurants that offer some of the finest seafood in Maryland.

Or visit local restaurants that offer the finest seafood in Maryland.

Blackwater Distillery



Queenstown Premium Outlets ® is a popular outdoor mall located across the street from the entrance to Queenstown Harbor. With over 50+ name brand and designer stores only a short distance away, it is always a nice alternative for non-golfers.

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