2013 - ESPN will not be holding this tournament in 2013 at any location, sorry.


The River Course
Queenstown Harbor Golf
301 Links Lane
Queenstown, MD 21658


The format for our event is a better-ball-of-twosome (NET) with a maximum event handicap of 24 per player. A separate Gross (no handicaps) division and Senior Division (Net only) is included. Winning teams will advance to the Regional Finals in locations throughout the country and listed on the website The field is limited to 72 twosomes.

The “Triple Play” option is a unique opportunity for players to partner with everyone in the foursome, essentially tripling their chances to win. The additional entry fee allows one foursome of players to participate as partners. There is no requirement that all players are in the same group. You may calculate your better ball score with a participating player in another group. Bring a foursome and Triple your chances to win!
Features include:

  • $49 additional per player allows the group to use Triple Play
  • Combine your better ball score with 3 partners instead of 1
  • Receive an additional dozen Callaway ix Tour balls for your participation.

Frequently Asked Triple Play Questions:

I can partner with a person playing in another group?
Yes, Providing that person also elects to partner with you and has paid the additional fee.

How would I partner with someone in a different group?
In a perfect world all players would be in the same foursome, however some courses will require your group to split into twosomes and play with other teams for validating the scoring. If this is the case, at the end of your round the Host Tournament Director can calculate your results with your partners in another group by matching the scorecards.

Can I win with more than one partner?
Yes, it is possible for you to win with more than one partner, depending on how many Regional spots are offered that day. Additional Regional spots are authorized to the Local Host Site specifically for this circumstance.

Can I advance to the Regionals with more than 1 partner?
No. You will have to make a choice of one partner and the player left in the other winning position is allowed to choose a substitute for you.

Will this reduce the number of other teams that can advance to the Regional Finals from my Local Host Site?
No. Actually your Local Host Site will have the authority to advance additional teams should this occur.


The ESPN National Golf Challenge is committed to a policy of complete compliance with USGA guidelines in terms of all prizes offered in our event. There are no prizes provided by ESPN at the local site level except for the participation gifts. It is up to the Local Site to determine if they wish to add a prize package at their own expense. We feel that the positive publicity of this approach outweighs the players who want to win expensive prizes.


Player registration and payment for both Local and Regional will occur at the local qualifying sites. You can register online or by check. If paying by check, contact John Anderes at 410-827-7518 or


Participants will be able to play at their Local Qualifying Site course or club by paying an entry fee of $75 per player, including the cart and range balls. We will provide a participation gift for each player at the initial level. Winning teams that advance to the Regional level will pay an additional entry fee, (collected by the local qualifying site), of $179 per player ($358 per team). Participation gifts of increasing value will be provided as players advance. Players advancing to the National Championship would NOT pay an additional entry fee.


The ESPN National Golf Challenge will crown the best two-person teams in America during the National Finals event to be held in Las Vegas. The event is open to male and female golfers with USGA approved handicaps. Teams will consist of two amateur players participating in either the Gross, Net, or Senior Net divisions. No individual player may use a handicap higher than 24. Golf courses nationwide will be designated as "Local Qualifying Sites" for the ESPN National Golf Challenge.

Local Qualifying Sites will be located geographically throughout the United States and qualifying will take place during the months of January through July 15, 2010. The Regional Finals will be held in late August and/or early September, and the National Finals will be held October 21, 22, 23, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV.

The National Finals will be filmed and produced as a special DVD for all participants.


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